Purchase / Refinance / Hard Money & Construction

$150K - $10 MILLION++  LOANS

  • $1.8M Refi on NJ Marina in Foreclosure

  • $650K NJ Law Office refi, from Foreclosure to Bridge Loan to 4.45% Rate Permanent Financing in 2.4 yrs

  • $1.5M Refi of Class C NJ Motel @ 5.25%

  • $750K Cash-Out Refi of Seaside Heights Motel @ 4.75%

  • $675K Refi of Trenton Office Building With Vacancies

  • $500K Refi of a Newport Interior Design Firm


  • Commercial Mortgages at Bank Rates

  • Competitive Bridge Loans

  • Soft Hard-Money Loans

Gordon Sidford formed Sidford Commercial Funding LLC in 2008 to focus on the commercial sector. Our staff has a thorough understanding of underwriting nuances and can navigate that maze with the best of them. We’ve assembled a group of lending partners that close loans and keep us competitive in the market.

Loans Throughout the US


It all starts with a phone call or an email. We’re in the solution business. We try to understand what you’re trying to accomplish and how we can meet your goals. There are potholes and speed bumps in most credentials. Once we know where we stand and have a feel for your time urgency, we can direct the file to those of our investors who can offer competitive terms.

Types of Loans


  • Purchase

  • Refinance

  • Blanket Loans

  • Bridge Loans

  • Soft Hard Money

  • Construction/Development, etc.

And, of course, beat-my-rate bank refi’s.


We don’t specialize in a property type or client segment. Our successes have ranged from a NJ marina, to non-flag motels, gas stations, office buildings, retail, multi-family, mixed-use, etc. We’re a client-driven business. Understand the problem and find a solution.

Complimentary Consultation

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