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It all starts with a phone call or an email. We’re in the solution business. We try to understand what you’re trying to accomplish and how we can meet your goals. There are potholes and speed bumps in most credentials. Once we know where we stand and have a feel for your time urgency, we can direct the file to those of our investors who can offer competitive terms.

Our investors want to be comfortable that you have the financial resources to support the new financing. This usually involves reviewing 3 years of tax returns, a credit report, and personal financial statement. There’s an aggravation factor in this, but we try to minimize it. Often, we can take the application over the phone. We also have private lenders who will look to the equity for comfort and can deal with a stated-income file, no tax returns.

We never charge an application fee so this part of the process is painless. Some of our lenders will need funds to cover appraisals, environmental inspections, etc., but not before we give you a term sheet on the financing to be offered.

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